Virtual design service


Ever since virtual telestudio technology was introduced to the media industry, the images we seeon TV have become more lifelike and vivid. For example, you may see M.C. of weather forecast go through different weather scenes and the background on the stage of Spring Festival Gala is no longer a dull flat screen.

Do you know that a company called Vizrt is the leader of the industry ona global scale?

Vizrt is everywhere in our memories of BBC, the World Cup, the Olympic Games, CCTV's weather reportand so forth. Though we may ignore such details, looking back now, the continuous improvement and innovation of such technologies have truly provided better experiences for our senses.

the general agent of Vizrt in east China, Media Version has also established sound relations of cooperation with many first-tier satellite TV stations and leaders of the mediaindustry. Below are the virtual foreground and big screen design Media Version did for the award ceremony of the Top 10 Scientific & Technological Innovation Entrepreneurs of Suzhou lately. Come and see it for yourself.

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